Announcing: The Next System Project

Systemic crisis requires systemic solutions




Announcing: The Next System Project

For the past two years, The Democracy Collaborative has been developing and incubating a new initiative that complements our community wealth building work. We call this The Next System Project, and today we launch it nationwide under the leadership of co-chairs political-economist and Democracy Collaborative co-founder Gar Alperovitz and Democracy Collaborative Senior Fellow and prominent environmentalist Gus Speth.

The Next System Project is designed to catalyze a wide-ranging discussion about the deep systemic challenges – economic, political, and social – we face as individuals, communities, and as a nation. Prominent among these: growing wealth inequality, escalating climate change, persistent racial inequities, and continued erosion of our democracy at all levels.

Our goal is, first, to put “the system question” on the map for serious and ongoing national debate, dialogue, and ultimately action. We hope to do this in a way that moves beyond rhetoric into substantive system-changing institutional and policy approaches and strategies.

Today we are issuing a statement signed by more than 350 prominent scholars, community activists, business leaders, labor organizers and policy makers calling for a serious national conversation about the systemic crisis we face and the systemic solutions we need. We encourage you to read this statement, share it with your colleagues, and consider adding your name as a signatory:

Read Statement Now:

We are also releasing today a short video meant to bring these critical issues to a national audience. The video features climate activist Bill McKibben, actor Danny Glover, economic and social equity advocate Angela Glover Blackwell, whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg, and many others who believe it’s now time to start asking and answering the hard questions. I hope you will watch the video, and share it with your networks:

Watch and share video now:

Finally, today’s launch initiates a multi-year commitment by The Democracy Collaborative to foster this essential national debate through research, communications, convenings, policy proposals, and other strategic activities. If you would like to support us in this work, please consider making a donation via the link below:

Support the Next System project;

Throughout 2015 and beyond, we will continue to keep you informed and included as momentum builds.

Ted Howard
Executive Director
The Democracy Collaborative

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