We’re All Just Getting Started…

Dear CoFED Community,

Millions of college students will graduate this year, and take with them the hope for a more resilient, thriving, and equitable future.

CoFED provides tools and trainings for campus communities to develop strong food businesses that increase access to healthy food, build community and create economic solutions through the cooperative business model.

Through our work we have the honor of witnessing the power of students, teachers, staff, and community members coming together and creating entrepreneurial solutions to the food system. They bring fresh, nutritious, delicious and affordable food to their communities by being at the forefront of driving collective solutions.

All this good work is catching on.

As of Summer 2015, we have worked with 60 schools nationwide. We are connected to an amazing set of community colleges, tribal colleges, historically black colleges and universities, and hispanic-serving colleges and universities in rural, suburban and urban areas. We supported teams, like the Raddish Co-op to launch and saw teams like the Berkeley Student Food Collective look into expansion. Previous students from the CoFED network have become leaders in the growing food and co-op fields to grow the knowledge and efficacy of healthy communities. Their growth is our growth, and we are excited for what’s ahead!

Looking for inspiration? Read more detailed updates below.

Wishing you a summer full of hope,


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