Richard Wolff : Is Economic Collapse Inevitable?

There’s no question that Los Angeles is a city of cultural diversity and eclectic industry. But one doesn’t have to drive too far beyond the patchwork of mansions and high-rises to find encampments under freeways – revealing a city of gross inequality.

In L.A. today, a person needs to earn $34 an hour to afford an average apartment, yet the state’s minimum wage in most places is $10. Meanwhile, $26 million is stolen from the pockets of the lowest wage workers every week. Our system is in crisis. We need system change.

Hear economist Richard Wolff address the critical question:

"Is Economic Collapse Inevitable?"
Friday, February 5, 7:00 p.m.

Occidental College
Choi Auditorium
1600 Campus Rd.
Los Angeles, CA 90041

Wolff returns to L.A. to discuss the mounting global turmoil as capitalism relocates from old centers in Western Europe, North America and Japan to new ones in China, Brazil, India and elsewhere in what used to be called the "Third World."

How will these global trends play out locally in L.A., as homelessness jumps and safety nets shred, while prison and jail spending is prioritized over poverty-solving programs?

Join the conversation co-sponsored by ACLU SoCal, L.A. Progressive, Democracy at Work and Occidental College of Community Engagement, and learn how you can get involved in our economic justice advocacy work.

Purchase your tickets on Eventbrite (General admission is $12.50; ACLU members, $7.50; Oxy students, free).

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